Indian Court Upholds Placement of Virtually Kidnapped Boy with Hindu “Foster” Family Over Biological Muslim Family

Baby disappeared during religious riots in India in 2002, which left approximately 1,000 people dead.

Baby’s Muslim family eventually gave him up for dead.

Recently, Baby’s family discovered that he was still alive.

A Hindu police officer had allegedly found Baby and more or less gave him to relatives to raise as their own child.

The police reportedly did not investigate Baby’s family’s missing person reports very thoroughly, or Baby would have been found in 2002.

Now, Baby no longer remembers his biological parents, and is attached to his “foster” mother.

Six years after Baby’s disappearance, Baby’s biological parents go to court in India to secure Baby’s return to their family.

But the Indian Court rules in favor of the so-called “foster” mother and denies Baby’s biological parents’ appeal.

The biological parents have not given up on getting their son back legally, now that they know he is alive.

In India, most commentators appear to side with the “foster” mother.

Are they guided by family law or religious law – or the law of politics?

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