Insufficient Physical Evidence Hangs Jury Sitting in First Degree Case Against Husband over Wife’s Murder

Florida Husband and Wife separate.

Wife is now dating another man.

Husband refuses to bow out gracefully, continuing to call Wife against her wishes.

Months later, as Wife gets to her job at a medical facility, while still in the parking lot, she is shot seven times – twice in the head – and killed.

The shooter is alleged to be her Husband.

Husband is arrested and charged with first degree murder. He faces a sentence of life in prison, without parole.

The incident raises local awareness of domestic violence and brings a new battered women’s shelter to the area.

At Husband’s trial, the prosecution puts on about thirty different witnesses.

But the defense doggedly maintains that there is insufficient physical evidence to tie Husband to the murder.

And the jury is unable to come to a unanimous verdict. Resulting in a mistrial.

It remains to be seen whether the state prosecutes Husband again.

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