Mothers’ Complaint to Inter American Commission on Human Rights Alleges US Courts Often Award Custody to Child Abusers

In many states, Florida included, one of the criteria for awarding custody of a child is whether the proposed custodial parent is likely to foster continuing, frequent, meaningful contact with the other parent.

Of course, that’s normally an important, legitimate consideration, since a child is entitled to have a relationship with both parents.

But what about families where one of the parents abuses or molests the child?

Are steps taken by one parent to secure a child against unprotected contact with an abusive and/or molesting parent properly viewed as failing to foster continuing, frequent, meaningful contact with the abusing and/or molesting parent?

Well, according to many parents, that is precisely the view of too many US courts.

Ten such mothers banded together just before this Mother’s Day weekend to file a complaint directed against US family courts with the Inter American Commission on Human Rights, a last resort forum.

Also joining in the complaint is a former child victim, custody of whom was awarded to a sexual abuser. And anti-abuse and anti-violence organizations.

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