Is Your House in Order?

People know when they are unhappy. They don’t usually need anyone else to tell them they want a divorce … right now.

But people don’t often feel the same sense of conviction or urgency about many other things, such as executing their will, executing that designation of beneficiary on their insurance policy, etc.

They are busy. They procrastinate. What’s the big hurry anyway?

Truthfully, there may not be one. But do you really want to take that chance?

Forty year old Illinois Woman is in love and all is right with her world, including her minor Son and adult Daughter.

She is about to get married. She undoubtedly is not thinking of all the bad things that could happen at any time, but probably won’t.

Her beautiful wedding ceremony comes off without a hitch. Time to celebrate.

Woman and her groom drive off on his motorcycle to their wedding reception.

A deer comes at them and their motorcycle crashes. Woman is thrown off the motorcycle … and dies a short while later.

You just never know.

Do you really want to wait any longer?

Is your house in order?

If not, isn’t it time to finally get it in order?

To make sure your final wishes for yourself are known and carried out?

To make sure your loved ones are taken care of as you wanted?

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