Is Your Spouse Open and Honest About Their Property and Income?

According to a recent survey of nondivorcing married couples, commissioned by a British law firm of divorce attorneys, ten percent or more of British husbands admit that they would hide assets during a divorce, in order to keep a greater share of marital assets to themselves after property division in the divorce.

It is possible that some husbands might hide assets in their divorces, but might not own up to it for purposes of a study.

The same survey reports that, in one third of couples, one spouse does not really know what their significant other earns.

And one third of couples maintain separate accounts, meaning that one spouse may not know what or how much money is in their significant other’s individual accounts.

In twelve percent of couples, one spouse intentionally conceals or even misleads their spouse about their higher ticket purchases. More than half admit hiding any paper trail of those purchases.

Among young couples, nine percent admit to making investments that they conceal from their spouse. Again, it is possible that some who do so might not own up to it.

Men, more than women, reportedly tend to maintain financial privacy from the outset, to protect themselves financially in the event of a divorce.

The survey results suggest that one spouse in many couples is in effect cheated in the division of marital assets in their divorces.

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