It’s 10PM. Do You Know Where Your Bank Deposit Is Now?

State of Arizona collects some overdue child support from a Washington State father’s bank account. Cleans it out in fact.

Sounds like a good thing.

But it’s not.

Because the father who owns the account is not the father of the child for whom the child support was seized.

He has a similar (and common sounding) name.

But he’s a totally different guy.

It’s undoubtedly a computer’s fault. It usually is. Or so they say.

Arizona doesn’t really know how it happened.

But they believe that they’ve made full restitution to the victim. After media intervention.

Now the poor guy feels like he has to check on his account balance every single day … just in case.

Meanwhile, Arizona presumably still hasn’t found the right guy, the one who reportedly owes $46,000 in child support.

Read more in this Seattle KING 5 TV news article: Wrong man’s bank account cleared for child support money.