Japan’s Wives Yen for Divorce

In Japan, the wives control the pursestrings. Historically, Japanese wives skim some of the family’s earnings and roll it over into their own personal rainy day fund, called “bellybutton money”.

The weak economy in Japan over the last year and a half or so has taken its toll on many wives’ so-called bellybutton money.

Some wives have had to dip into their private stash to cover household expenses. Others have economized on spending for the family to maintain their rate of skimming.

Interestingly, according to a survey, the main reason that Japanese wives accumulate their bellybutton money is so they can afford to get a divorce around the age of fifty. It is reported that many Japanese wives are able to amass UK 1 million pounds.

In a similar vein, a recently passed Japanese law now entitles Japanese wives to half of their husbands’ pensions. As a result of the new law, many sixtysomething Japanese wives have consulted lawyers about divorce.

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