Judge Imprisons Deadbeat Dad Rather Than Allow Credit for Funds Offered By Employer and Setting Him Free

Florida Father imprisoned for one year for nonpayment of almost $30,000 of child support.

After being sentenced, Father agreed to pay $5,000 and his employer agreed to pay the balance of his back support, to get Father back on the job.

The child’s mother had no objection. The prosecutor had no objection.

But the judge wouldn’t go along with it. He didn’t think someone convicted of a crime should be able to buy a sentence reduction. He felt it was “unseemly”.

The judge wanted parents who are obligated to pay child support to understand that nonpayment is a serious offense, which could land them in jail.

Unfortunately, the child in question, who is ill, will have to go without any support to speak of while Father serves his time.

And the child needs medications and regular care.

Sort of a hollow victory.

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