Latest Divorce Tactic: YouTube

Celebrity couple: Wife an actress, Husband an elderly, established theater producer.

According to Wife, Husband threatened to cut her off financially and evict her from her apartment.

Having inadequate resources to combat that until the divorce was final, she videotaped herself airing the couple’s dirty laundry, docudramatizing his alleged threats as well as other intimate matters.

Wife posted video on YouTube, a very popular site for viewing videos. Video earns 4 million “hits”. Practically the entire world sees it.

Husband accuses Wife of spousal abuse, perpetrated by publicizing her videos. Husband apparently cites this “abuse” as the grounds for the divorce. (New York remains a “fault state”.)

Wife defended that she only posted the video to generate income to keep her going until her divorce was final.

And generate income for her it did…

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