Legally Incompetent Ohio Mother May Face Charges of Custodial Interference for Taking Daughter Out of School without Father’s Consent or Compliance with School’s “Check Out” Procedure

Ohio Husband and Wife have Daughter together. Husband and Wife are divorced.

Wife is held by a court to be legally incompetent. Husband is awarded (what sounds like sole) custody of Daughter.

Husband lists Wife as Daughter’s other parent in school records and furnishes school information regarding Wife’s status as incompetent.

Wife appears at Daughter’s school to observe Daughter’s kindergarten class. The school allows.

Wife asks to take Daughter home before school is over. Daughter’s teacher consents, but instructs Wife to stop by the “office”.

Wife leaves school without advising the “office”. Husband arrives to pick Daughter up from school, only to discover that Daughter is not in school – and school doesn’t immediately know where or with whom Daughter is.

Police are summoned and an Amber Alert is issued for Daughter. Daughter is found safe at Library shortly thereafter.

Wife is expected to be charged with interference with custody under Ohio law.

The school states that it has done nothing wrong in permitting Daughter to leave with Wife – except perhaps for not having records of Wife’s incompetency in Daughter’s school’s files, as opposed to Daughter’s school district’s files.

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