Local Divorce Complicated by Husband’s Participation in Federal Witness Protection Program

Husband has close ties to mob family.

Husband opts to testify against various alleged mob members in return for concessions in criminal charges against himself.

Husband is in midst of a divorce, with one still-minor Daughter involved.

Husband accuses Wife of not promoting “normal” relationships between Husband and their children.

Husband is in the federal witness protection program. FBI agents accompany Husband everywhere.

Even when exercising timesharing with Daughter. Wife is not thrilled by potential risks to Daughter and reportedly withholds visitation.

Husband and Wife had lavish life style. Before Husband entered witness protection.

Now Husband claims to be broke. Wife doesn’t buy it.

Wife asks permission to relocate to New York state so that she and Daughter can live more cheaply with family members.

Husband opposes the relocation, citing the increased risk to him posed by the relationship between Wife’s family members and the mob family who is out to get him.

But the Court sees the economic logic of the relocation and allows it, doubting that Husband is at any greater risk with Wife living in New York than Boca / Delray.

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