Canadian Father’s Support Obligation Increased Based on Lottery Winnings

From Canada:

Canadian father earning $40,000 a year was paying child support of $200 per month. (That sounds like a very low support obligation based on that income, but that’s another post…)

Father won the lottery – to the tune of $3.2 million.

Father offered to increase child support paid to his ex, but they couldn’t agree on a number. So the issue went to court.

The court increased the father’s support obligation to $1,000 per month.

Two points worth noting.

First, the court calculated support based, in large part, on the interest projected to be generated by the father’s investment of his jackpot, not the principal.

Second, after his windfall, the father chose to quit his job. As a result, the court chose to impute the father’s recent salary to him, calculating the new support amount, in part, as though the father were still earning that salary.

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