Man Under Restraining Order of Protection Threatens Woman’s Life If She Refuses to Cooperate with Dismissing the Domestic Violence Injunction

A Utah Man with a domestic violence restraining order of protection against him figures out the perfect solution to his problem.

All he needs is for the Woman who obtained the domestic violence restraining order to retract her testimony against him and to request that the court dismiss the order of protection against him.

How to accomplish that though. That is the rub.

So he allegedly goes to Woman’s home and assails her when she arrives there and is getting out of her car. Man bashes her head into the steering wheel and then drags her out of the car by her hair.

Man has all the papers he needs Woman to sign at hand, and simply threatens to break her neck if she refuses to sign them. He strikes her to drive his point home.

Bleeding on the papers, the Woman gives in and signs them.

The Man threatens the Woman against calling the police on him again.

Well, the Man does indeed file the papers, stained with the woman’s blood, with the court. He thinks of everything. Almost.

The Man now faces charges of stalking, assault, retaliation against a victim and other related charges.

The restraining order of protection was originally entered against Man for stalking the Woman, e-mailing her demands for money, texting threatening messages to her, calling her seventy different times per day, and assault.

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