Marine Allegedly Kills Wife Over Custody of Their Son

Alabama Husband and Wife have a six year old Son together.

Chances are, they appeared to be a happy, ordinary couple.

Until one day Wife dashed into a doctor’s office very close to her home and urged the staff there to call 911 for her.

Husband arrived hot on Wife’s heels and allegedly shot her in the head, killing her.

Husband then fled back to his nearby home, awaiting police.

The police took Husband into custody without any gunfire, but Husband was shot in the head as well – apparently by his own hand.

Husband has been charged with murder.

Son was not present during the domestic violence or for Husband’s arrest.

This incident took place in a very small town with a population less than 3,000.

Husband previously served in the US Marines.

Husband and Wife were reportedly engaged in a custody battle over Son.


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