Marriage Counseling on Demand: On the Way?

Imagine a computer that could eavesdrop on you and your spouse and get a read on whether your marriage would get better or worse or just more of the same.

Actually, you don’t have to imagine it. It’s already here.

Under study of whether the computer can read couples and predict marital outcomes as well as a human therapist.

The verdict is that it can. Slightly better than a human, actually.

All based on the sounds of the couples’ voices rather than the words they express.

The stated goal of the University of Southern California and University of Utah study was to improve talk therapy provided by a human therapist.

An early warning system – in real time, no less – might be the first step.

But down the road, might your marriage counselor be an app? Or a robot?

Precisely when you and your spouse need it.

Only time will tell.

Read more in this Wall Street Journal article: A Computer That Can Hear a Marriage in Trouble .