Marriage Truisms … or Myths?

A couple of Vermont sociology professors have challenged the institution of marriage, questioning why gays are so anxious to attain it. Following are some of what they view as myths about marriage – and how they shoot them down.

  • Marriage Builds Wealth. Then why are the poor least likely to marry? Marriage appeals to wealthier people in the first place.

  • Marriage is Traditional. The nature of marriage has changed over the years. Marriages for love and romance are relatively new phenomena … succeeding marriage for material and social gain.

  • Marriage Bolsters Health. Never-married singles are just as healthy as married couples. Divorced people are less healthy though.

  • Married Couples are More Socially Fulfilled. Married couples are more likely to be isolated from friends and networks, pinning all their social demands on their partner.

In sum, the professors suggest that the truths they have exposed are the reaI reasons behind purposefully declining marriage rates.

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