Messaging Apps and Social Media Arguably Becoming Preferred Means of Declaring Intention to Divorce – and Effecting Religious Divorce – in Muslim World

After Wife’s family reportedly pays Husband a dowry, Indian Muslim Husband and Wife marry.

Within a matter of weeks, Husband reportedly leaves the country for work in Dubai … and, using a mobile app called WhatsApp, text messages Wife an Arabic phrase which translates into English as divorcing. Husband follows the text with a “courtesy” e-mail and phone call delivering the same message.

It turns out that Husband had provided Wife with bogus work and home addresses in Dubai.

Wife, no fool, reportedly files complaints with the Indian family court, police and a so-called “women’s commission”. The authorities are actively engaged in locating Husband, to hold him accountable for his distasteful conduct.

Religious scholars debate the validity of invoking religious divorce via apps, text messages and similar technology. But the invoking Husbands are reportedly moving right along to their next wives – and, perhaps, dowry.

And while they are debating, it appears that an epidemic of such divorces is spreading like wildfire across the Muslim world …

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