MI: Family Court Judge to Pick the Best School for the Kids – and Change Custody Accordingly

What happens when the custodial parent moves to another school district (not another state or even city) after separation?

Well, in one Michigan case, the mother, the custodial parent, is driving her children 60 miles to keep her kids in the same school district as before the parents’ separation. The father insists that school district is superior to the one where the mother and children now reside.

So the parents will have to go back to court so that the judge can … choose the school the kids should attend.

And what about that commute for the youngsters?

Next, the court will revisit its custody determination, depending upon the court’s ruling on which school district the children should attend school in.

Taking this approach to its logical conclusion,

  • why should the court be limited to the marital school district and the custodial parent’s new school district?
  • what if both parents have moved?
  • what if neither parent has ever lived in the best school districts in the state?
  • and on and on go the possibilities.

Clearly a recipe for clogging Michigan’s family courts to the point of grinding to a halt. Not to mention turning Michigan’s kids lives upside down all over again … and again … and again.

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