Michigan Man Jailed for Non-Payment for Six Years of Support of Over Half a Million Dollars … for Fourteen Children

A Michigan man is behind on his child support obligations.


He hasn’t made any payments in six years.

Stopped over a bad taillight on his Mercedes Benz, the man is now in jail.

And there he will remain for 90 days, unless he comes up with almost $28,000.

The man has 14 children by 13 different women.

The man contends that most of the children are not his and that the mothers set him up by claiming to have served him in paternity cases using phony addresses.

The man tried to persuade the arresting officers that he is someone else, with a different social security number.

When arrested in his Mercedes, the man had $5,000 cash in his possession and plane tickets to Florida.

The man is reportedly unemployed.

The man is trying to negotiate his child support debt.

The man is also in violation of his probation.

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