Missing Husband Found … Remarried … Without First Having Been Divorced

Husband and Wife marry a few months after Husband’s divorce from his previous wife. Wife had children from a previous relationship.

For about a year, all seemed well. Then Husband inexplicably took off, leaving a note indicating that Husband had a problem being a stepfather to Wife’s children.

Husband returned several months later though and Wife took him back.

Husband and Wife and Wife’s kids then relocated to a new state to start over. Again, for a while, all seemed well. Then Husband piled on debt and stayed away from home a lot.

Wife finally insisted that Husband toe the line or move on. He moved on.

Almost a decade later, Wife discovers Husband in their home state, Wisconsin.

With another “wife”. Only Husband and Wife were never divorced.

Wife reports the situation to law enforcement authorities.

Husband may be looking at criminal charges of fraud, bigamy, and making misrepresentations on a marriage license.

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