MN Mother’s Last Resort in Custody Battle: Fraudulent Custody Order

Minnesota Mother goes to Wisconsin and reports Father to police for having their five kids with him wrongfully.

Mother produces a 2005 court order awarding her custody of the children.

Police go to the Father’s home to investigate at about 11pm.

The children, all present, all appear to be fine. Some of them are asleep in bed.

The Father produces a custody order too, but his is from 1999.

The Mother is very agitated.

The police turn the children over to their Mother, who returns to Minnesota with them.

The next day, the police learn that the Mother’s more recent custody order is fraudulent.

The Mother is taken into police custody in short order and the children are temporarily taken into protective custody by Minnesota.

Most of the children are later returned to the Father’s custody.

The Mother will be extradited to Wisconsin to face charges of interference with custody.

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