Scheme to Finally Collect Child Support Backfires on Custodial Parents in Texas

For many custodial parents, collecting their child support is a never-ending challenge.

Some custodial parents in Texas recently came up with a way to finally beat the system – or so they thought.

According to news reports, some thirteen custodial parents opened new accounts in their ex’s name and then forged child support checks on those accounts payable to the state’s child support agency.

How did that help the custodial parents?

It seems that the child support agency is known not to wait for the non-custodial parents’ checks to clear before issuing their own state checks to the custodial parents.

Therefore, by the time the forged checks bounced, the custodial parents had already deposited the state’s good child support checks.

The custodial parents allegedly collected, collectively, approximately $40,000 in payments not funded by non-custodial parents.

Their “accomplishment” is tempered by the fact that they are now all facing felony charges for their trouble.

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