Months after Mother Killed and Daughter Injured in Drunk Driving Accident, Father Seeking Custody is Allegedly Arrested for Driving Drunk

Florida Mother is killed in an accident caused by a drunk driver. Five year old Daughter is seriously injured in the same accident.

Grandmother has been caring for Daughter since the September 2008 accident, but Father, who had been living in Texas, has had temporary shared legal custody.

Father now lives in Florida.

Father is allegedly arrested for drunk driving himself … hours before an operation on Daughter, necessitated by the accident with Mother.

Father reportedly visited Daughter in the hospital the next day after he was freed by law enforcement.

Establishment of a permanent custody arrangement for Daughter has been postponed due to Father’s arrest.

The question in the media now is whether the DUI arrest affects his chances for winning shared or sole custody of his daughter.

There is no information as to other facts which may or may not tend to show whether Father is unfit to have custody.

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