Mother Gives Up Guardianship of Her Daughter … So Daughter Can Have Health Insurance

Mother and Father separate.

Mother has primary timesharing with eight year old Daughter.

Mother is a hairstylist earning a modest income.

Mother had cancer as a child, but is healthy now.

Mother cannot afford health insurance for herself because it is priced based on her childhood preexisting condtion.

So Mother is unable to provide health insurance for Daughter.

(Father’s health insurance status and whether he pays any child support, medical or otherwise, is unknown.)

So …

Mother gives guardianship of Daughter to Grandparents, who have health insurance.

By virtue of their guardianship of Daughter, Grandparents are able to add Daughter on to their health insurance.

But Mother hates having to give up legal custody of Daughter to her parents … and worries about it … just a bit.

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