Mother Held in Contempt of Court for Delaying Son’s Circumcision For … Three Years

Father and Mother have Son together. Then separate when Son is a year old.

Father and Mother agree in a parenting plan filed with the court that Son will be circumcised.

Then Mother changes her mind. Mother reportedly drags their court case out.

The Family Court orders that Mother comply with their parenting agreement and sign the paperwork necessary for the circumcision to be performed.

Now Son is 4 years old and still has not undergone the circumcision as agreed by his parents and ordered by the Family Court.

Mother instead goes into hiding with Son to avoid the circumcision… after publicizing this sensitive, private matter in all the media.

And attracting political / social activists who are not unwilling to exploit Son and the situation to advance their cause.

And the Family Court finds Mother to be in contempt of court, and threatens to jail her.

Read more in this Yahoo News article via Associated Press: Jail looms for mom who fled with son to fight circumcision .