Mother Who Gave Up Her Parental Rights Due to Looming, Extended Imprisonment Seeks Restoration of Custody of Daughter Who Was Allegedly Abused by Her Adoptive Parent

Mother is sentenced to ten year prison term for robbery conviction.

Mother, believing she has no other option, reluctantly relinquishes her parental rights to her 4 year old Daughter.

Woman adopts Daughter. Woman allegedly abuses Daughter. More than once.

Now, Woman faces multiple charges of child neglect, aggravated kidnapping and assault.

The child welfare agency (DCS) has taken Daughter into protective custody and is seeking a permanent placement for Daughter.

And Mother, since released from prison, would like to get custody of Daughter restored to her.

DSC indicates that it will consider Mother’s request as well as Daughter’s wishes.

It is unclear whether Mother stands in any better position as any other applicant for custody.

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