MS Judge Faces Contempt of Court Over Non-Payment of Child Support

The place is Mississippi.

A local man, a judge and city attorney, reportedly faces contempt of court for failing to pay past due child support of $1,500.

The man contends that he can’t afford to pay it and that it is an unreasonably high amount of child support, more suited to a Hollywood celebrity than a local judge and attorney.

The man may think that the judge who presided over his divorce is biased against him. That judge awarded custody of the man’s baby to its mother.

The man expects to be jailed for contempt.

On the other hand, the judge who originally drew his case recused himself.

All concerned are awaiting appointment of another judge to hear the case.

In an interesting side note, the mans’ wife and her cousin were arrested for allegedly stealing computer disks from the man’s law office.

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