Nevada Judge Held to Have Abused Discretion in Unilaterally and Summarily Sealing Former Judge’s Child Support Case Records and Issuing Gag Order

Florida has had at least its fair share of scandal over sealing of court records in violation of the law and open public records policy of this state. But we’re not alone.

A Nevada judge ordered that a child support case against another, former Nevada judge be sealed – unilaterally and summarily – and also entered a gag order in the case. The judge benefiting from the sealing and gag order was seeking to get back into the judiciary.

The sealing judge reportedly did not comply with Nevada legal requirements for sealing court records. But she defended her actions as being for the protection of the minor child.

The Nevada Supreme Court reversed and ruled that the sealing judge abused her discretion.

Further, according to the Los Angeles Times, which had her under investigation, the same judge allegedly presided over cases where friends or business associates were parties – on more than one occasion.

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