New Requirement in Family Court: A Thick Skin

A family court judge in Canada was presiding over a divorce involving a minor Child.

This divorce court judge apparently found that:

  1. Wife tried to run Husband over with a van.

  2. Wife’s relatives have made threats against Husband.

  3. Husband is verbally abusive.

  4. Wife has alienated Child from Husband.

  5. Husband has no clue how to parent.

  6. This family court judge has served on the bench for fifteen years.

    And this particular case appears to have gotten to him.

    So much so that he wrote a scathing thirty-one page opinion taking both Husband and Wife to task for their behavior toward each other and their Child.

    On a roll, the divorce court judge even has at the Canadian family court legal system.

    The lengthy vent may have improved this family court judge’s mood, but it did not conclude Husband and Wife’s case.

    It would be interesting to know whether it made any impression on Husband and Wife.

    Read more in this [Canadian] Globe and Mail article: In family court, a judge turns to ridicule to defuse the rage.