New York State Legalizes Gay Marriage; Gay Divorce On the Horizon

New York state has just legalized marriage for gay couples, effective thirty days from now. This new law makes New York the sixth state and the largest state to recognize gay marriage.

Passage of the law in New York is anticipated to be a catalyst for a sea change for gay marriage in the US. With New York’s large, influential and mobile population, married gay couples will soon travel and relocate into other states and challenge their attitudes and law regarding gay marriage.

Academics and others look forward to the prospect of now being able to obtain adequate statistical samplings from which to draw conclusions about the economic impact of gay marrage on society, such as on employment benefits, including retirement and the wedding and hospitality industries.

And, with the advent of gay marriage in New York, gay divorce cannot help but be far behind.

Additional economic data to be watched will be the impact of gay marriage on divorce rates among the general population, as well as the gay population, and the impact on professionals who deliver services related to breakups and divorces, from lawyers, to marriage counselors, to divorce coaches, to domestic violence counselors, etc.

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