Nine Year Old Boy Removed from Parents’ Custody Based on … His MDs’ Somewhat Vague Misgivings

Washington Husband and Wife have 9 year old Son together.

Son is in the hospital. That’s not all that unusual for Son.

According to Husband and Wife, Son suffers from cytomegalovirus, contracted while in Wife’s womb, autism with sensory distortions, cerebral palsy, microcephaly, seizures, ADHD, ODD, OCD, digestive problems, food and oral aversions, scoliosis, immune system dysfunction, brain calcifications, hearing loss, etc.

Son uses a wheelchair.

Son has undergone several surgeries of different types, all, presumably, performed by health care professionals.

Son’s physicians have now reportedly come to harbor concerns however that Son is not as ill as Husband and Wife suggest to the world via the internet, and dispute that Son requires a wheelchair … or the feeding tube that some health care professional inserted.

As a result, Child Protective Services removed Son from Husband’s and Wife’s custody and have placed Son in foster care.

Husband and Wife stand accused of “caregiver fabricated illness”, formerly known as Munchausen syndrome by proxy. Sometimes Munchausen parents actually cause their children’s illness / symptoms. Other times, they merely embellish.

Weeks after Son’s removal from Husband and Wife’s home, a family court has ordered that Son remain in foster care while an investigation continues.

Husband and Wife are allowed limited visitation with Son.


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