Non-Custodial Parent Vents Over Being Jailed for Non-Support

“I find the child support agency is totally unfair and biased against non-custodial parents”.

Another deadbeat dad making excuses?

No. A non-custodial mom. In jail. For non-payment of child support.

“Meanwhile, this state has treated me no better than a person who’s committed murder“.

Her daughter suffers from disabilities that reportedly demand her mother’s time and prevent her from working.

This mother complains only that the child support enforcement system in her community is unfair to non-custodial parents.

One can’t help but wonder whether all non-paying, non-custodial parents in that community are treated equally, the way this mother is being treated.

Or whether all non-paying parents’ justifications and/or excuses (or lack of same) are weighed on a case by case basis, according to the particular facts at hand.

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