Not Just Another Incident of Domestic Violence

Husband and Wife meet after both immigrate to Australia. They marry.

Over the course of ten years, they have three children together, on top of Wife’s five children from a previous relationship.

Then, Wife is abducted. And Wife’s abductors tell her that they were hired to kill her … by Husband.

Shocked, Wife refuses to believe it. Until they put Husband on the phone within earshot, insisting that the abductors kill her.

The hitmen have values though. They don’t kill women.

So Wife is spared. And provided by her abductors with all manner of evidence against Husband.

Before it’s all over, Wife has a rare experience.

The opportunity to observe her own funeral. And after everyone else has left, Wife reveals herself to the last remaining mourner: Husband.

Who suffers a shock and a scare of his own. And then apologizes to Wife.

But she isn’t having any of it. Wife calls the police.

Husband confesses and is arrested.

His motive? Anger and jealousy; he thought Wife was going to leave him.

A judge sentences Husband to nine years in prison.

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