Not Quite as Puzzling as With a Sperm Bank Donor But, Still, Four Possible Fathers of Indian Baby in the Eyes of the Law

Nurse and Husband have a Baby.

Only Nurse alleges that she was raped … by Doctor … and his Son … and that Husband is not Baby’s father.

Nurse presses charges against Doctor and Son.

Doctor defends that he donated sperm so that Man could have a child via artificial insemination and a surrogate mother … Nurse.

Doctor is acquitted of rape charges, but there remains the question of: who is Baby’s legal father?

Is it:

  1. Husband
  2. Doctor
  3. Son or
  4. Man?

Indian Court orders DNA paternity test for Father and Son.

Meanwhile, Man presses charges against Nurse for keeping Baby and cheating him out of money.

Doctor seeks a stay of the paternity test, maintaining that the test could prove the child illegitimate and subject him to stigma.

Appellate court agrees and stays paternity testing.

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