Oklahoma Abuser Batters Spouse to Death … After Years of Abuse

Battering Spouse in Oklahoma reportedly abuses Battered Spouse and their children for years.

Both Battered Spouse and Battering Spouse are alcoholics, which escalates the battering.

Battered Spouse obtains several orders of protection from Battering Spouse over time.

Battering Spouse and Battered Spouse divorce.

Then remarry.

Battering Spouse allegedly beats and then shoots Battered Spouse.

Battered Spouse dies.

Battering Spouse is convicted of domestic violence.

Battering Spouse is incarcerated.

Battered Spouse’s mother didn’t think Battering Spouse could kill someone.

Battered Spouse’s sister has custody of Battered Spouse’s kids now.

Battered Spouse is the late Husband of Battering Spouse.

Even Battered Spouse’s mother didn’t know know he was a victim of repeated acts of domestic violence.

Most “battered women’s shelters” offer services to battered men as well.

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