One Ohio County is Latest to Offer Classes to Kids on How to Cope with Separating Parents

Many states require separating parents to take a class on co-parenting after separation.

But some locales, recognizing an unmet need, are offering, even requiring, that children attend a class to help them deal with their parents’ separation.

Many children have difficulty talking to anyone, even their parents, about how they feel about the separation and the changes taking place in their lives.

Marion County, Ohio is tackling this problem with programs for kids in grades two to six and seven to twelve. The program utilizes books, workbooks and coloring books, depending on the ages of the children involved.

Feedback from the children is very good, suggesting that the children feel less isolated after the class.

The books also provide roadmaps to aid parents in try to get their kids to open up with them.

Interestingly, Marion County has what is known in Florida as unified family court. Meaning that one judge will guide each family through any probate, family and juvenile court issues.

Which may be the source of the county’s heightened sensitivity to kids’ difficulties with separation.

The various books use in the programs appear to be for sale to interested parties, wherever they may live.

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