Opportunities for Surrogacy In Mexico Diminishing

American Man (Father) wishes to become a father. After due consideration, he decides upon using a surrogate mother as the means to this end.

After investigating the options, he hires a Mexican woman (Surrogate) from the state of Tabasco for this purpose.

Eventually the times comes, Father travels to Mexico and Surrogate gives birth to Baby.

Father and Surrogate enjoy the moment – almost literally – before Mexican authorities take Baby away.

The laws of this Mexican state have recently changed, outlawing surrogacy for foreigners.

To the mutual detriment of Mexican women hoping for the income and of foreigners hoping for less expensive and time-consuming surrogacy paths than they would face at home.

Father is eventually reunited with Baby, about six weeks and four attorneys later. The Tabasco government didn’t make it easy for him. Or his Surrogate.

And won’t make it any easier for the next would-be parents and surrogates.

The nonprofit agency that intervened on Father’s behalf recommends that states in the US improve access to surrogacy within the US to avoid problems such as Father encountered in Mexico.

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