PA: Bench Warrant Issued for Mother Who Retained Child After Extended Summer Visitation

Pennsylvania Father and Mother divorce. Father gets primary custody of Child, who is now five years old.

Mother takes her extended summer vacation time with Child. At the end of her visitation, Mother is supposed to drop Child off at paternal grandparents’ home in Ohio.

Five days after the scheduled drop-off date, no word from Mother or of Child. Father finds out Mother has taken leave of absence from her nursing job.

It is not believed that Child has a passport. A Pennsylvania Court issues a bench warrant for arrest of Mother for failing to return the Child.

Father is exploring other criminal remedies as well as obtaining civil orders for pickup of the child by law enforcement officers for return to the County where he resides.

Unfortunately, such an order won’t be very useful if the Mother and Child can’t be found.

Of course, Father can alert the State Department not to issue a passport for Child – if one hasn’t already been issued.

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