Palm Beach County Mother Consents to Court-Ordered Circumcision and Avoids Consequences of Criminal Interference with Child Custody Charge

I’ve written previously about a local case where a Mother was held in contempt by the Palm Beach County family court for delaying her son’s circumcision for three years.

The Mother has been released from jail under a plea agreement whose terms include no longer blocking the circumcision. Indeed, the Mother has signed a written consent to the procedure.

If the Mother can stay on the right side of the law for a year, she may avoid consequences of the charge of criminally interfering with child custody.

But none of that guarantees that the Mother will have any timesharing with her four year old anytime soon. A full hearing directed to that issue must wait until mid-October, although a shorter related hearing will be held later this month.

In fact, the Mother reportedly does not know at this time whether the circumcision has been performed yet. The original hospital allegedly backed out due to political protests outside the facility.