Parental Alienation: Alive and Well … All Over

Some things are universal. Not only good things either.

A British family law attorney talks of the impact on British children of parental alienation and what they call “implacably hostile” parents.

Even if you don’t recognize the terms, you’ve seen some parents they describe.

The parent who habitually finds excuses to cancel / delay / ruin the other parents’ timesharing

The parent who always bad mouthes the other parent

The parent who “guilts” their child for expressing anything positive about their other parent or the timesharing they enjoyed

The parent who manipulates their child to discourage or diminish their enjoyment of timesharing with their other parent.

Unfortunately, these are serious, complex problems that are difficult to prove and even more difficult to enforce intended remedies for.

But recognizing the problem is the first and most difficult step.

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