Pilot Program Helps Parents Behind on Support Overcome Their Challenges and Increases Their Support Payments by Fifty-Five Percent

In New Haven, CT, a family court support magistrate doesn’t punish parents who don’t pay support.

Yet fifty-five percent more support payments are actually being made through her courtroom.

How is that?

The magistrate helps parents address the reason they are behind in their support payments, be it a substance abuse problem, a homelessness challenge, a criminal record, a limited education or an unemployment situation.

The pilot program is called Problem Solving Initiative, and it specifically targets people with severe challenges, such as those above.

And directs them to community services that may be able to help them, so that they will be able to support their children.

Mental health and substance abuse professionals, as well as college and law school interns, are on hand right in the courtroom.

Read more in this Hartford [CT] Courant article: A Helping Hand, Rather Than Jail, For Parents Who Owe Child Support.