Police Allow Man Subject to Order of Protection to Enter His Past Victim’s Home – with Rifle

Elderly man (Husband) shoots rifle off in yard of a Home.

Police officers arrive.

Officers tell Husband to cease firing his gun.

Officers leave Husband to enter the Home with the rifle.

Later, Wife returns to the Home.

Husband fires the rifle at Wife, twice, but misses her both times.

Husband is arrested on charges of attempted murder.

It turns out that Wife has an Order of Protection against Husband.

In fact, there is a lengthy history of domestic violence between the couple.

Under the Order of Protection, Husband is likely prohibited from being anywhere near the Home – and from possessing a gun.

Yet the police permitted Husband to enter the Home, with the weapon.

Law enforcement spokespersons, however, refused to characterize the officers as negligent.

One has to wonder: what would that have taken?

Read more in this [Hudson Valley, New York] Times Herald-Record article: 2 Mount Hope police officers under investigation.