Possible New Grounds for Divorce When Filing for Divorce under Florida Divorce Laws?

There are, of course, many different reasons why a spouse might want a divorce:
disputes about money and property, infidelity, incompatibility, etc.

Here’s a “ground” for divorce you may not have thought of.

One spouse expects to be buried or cremated when they die, and the other expects …

To be frozen and preserved – in the hope of eventual revival and restoration to health and longevity.

You may have heard of cryogenics.

But did you know it places a great strain on a marriage?

One couple has managed to live for 28 years with this one chasm dividing them – bitterly. But the spouse who wants to be frozen, the husband, isn’t trusting his wife to see that his final wishes are carried out as he has painstakingly planned.

The originator of cryogenics reportedly advocated divorce in the event that the spouse who does not wish to be frozen will not cooperate with their partner being frozen.

But some spouses are not willing to go quite that far. They make their arrangements to be frozen behind their spouse’s back – for fear that their spouse will divorce them over their choice.

Disagreement over whether to go the cryogenics route probably isn’t a ground for divorce in too many cases right now. But time will tell about the future …

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