Divorce in FL in Limbo after Death of Spouse

Recently, I posted about a PA divorce in limbo after the death of one of the spouses. In that case, the deceased spouse hadn’t yet signed a settlement agreement – because he was murdered first.

Now, another divorce is in limbo after the death of a spouse.

This case is right here in Palm Beach County. The death reportedly occurred in a seaplane accident involving others. And both spouses had already signed a settlement agreement.

Here, the husband is reportedly requesting that the settlement agreement be disregarded, because he was allegedly under the intoxicating influence of a number of different medications when he signed it.

According to this Palm Beach Post article, the pending divorce case bars the husband from acting as the personal representative of his wife’s estate and bringing a lawsuit in that capacity over his wife’s death in the accident. Instead, her father is doing both.

Now, the husband alleges that the couple were reconciling prior to the accident. And the woman’s father alleges that the wife definitely wanted out of the marriage and that the husband is acting out of greed.