Proposed Legislation to Deny Spouses of Service People A Share in Military “Retainer Pay” Fails to Carry

Service men and women may receive what is called “retainer pay”. Not salary. Not pension.

In a divorce from someone who serves in the military, should retainer pay be considered a marital asset that the other spouse shares in?

That is the law across the nation.

In Oklahoma, legislators acted to change the law, but they were unsuccessful. And the proposed legislation must now be tabled … for two years.

Military spouses and former spouses objected to the proposed change in the law.

They argue that the entire family serves.

And must put up with frequent reassignments that make it difficult for the nonmilitary spouse to keep a nonmilitary job and build up their own retirement and other personal savings.

Read more in this [Oklahoma City] Oklahoman article: Oklahoma House panel kills bill that would prevent nonmilitary ex-spouses from getting retention pay.