Proposed Legislation Would Permit a Child to Have More Than Two Legal Parents

There’s an expression that it takes a village to raise a child.

Now, a state legislator wants to move a step closer to legislating that concept.

His proposed California legislation would eliminate the statutory limit of two legal parents per child.

In fact, do away with any maximum number of legal parents per child.

In this legislator’s view, it may serve a child’s best interests to have multiple legal parents.

Paying child support. Sharing child custody. Exercising visitation and timesharing.

Extra parents might be drawn from:

  • Biological parents

  • Gay parents

  • Stepparents

  • Sperm donors

  • Egg donors

  • Surrogate parents

  • De facto parents and

  • Others.

Similar legislation is already on the books in a couple of other US states.

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