Prosecutors Seek to Intervene in and Block Yet Another Allegedly Phony Divorce Intended to Protect Assets

Husband and Wife married twenty-seven years.

Husband, former CEO of corporation, convicted of accounting fraud.

Husband ordered to pay over $3 billion as restitution.

Divorce filed. Uncontested.

In divorce settlement, Husband sells home to Wife for $10.

Prosecutors seek to intervene, contending that Husband bought assets using fraudulently procured funds and Husband should not be able to shield them through a sham divorce.

This is the latest in a veritable rash of reportedly sham divorces that authorities or private corporations have sought to intervene in to preserve access to allegedly misappropriated assets.

Read more in this American Bar Association Journal article: Feds Intervene in Exec’s Divorce, Argue It’s a Ruse to Avoid $3.3B Restitution.