Protection against Cancellation of Medical Insurance after Divorce

Ex-Husband has custody of Child. Ex-Wife is ordered to maintain medical insurance for Child.

Child seriously injured in bad accident. Dad discovers that Child’s insurance lapsed several weeks before.

Finding out that your child’s or your insurance coverage has been canceled or modified just when you need it most is a nightmare.

There are a couple of ways to prevent that from happening.

The source article discussed the Qualified Medical Child Support Judgment Order required in every Missouri divorce involving minor children where insurance is available.

But an endorsement to any insurance can be negotiated and ordered which requires the insurance carrier to provide 30 – 90 days notice to the insured prior to canceling or modifying (reducing) coverage. That works whether the insured is a child or a former spouse.

The party required to provide the insurance should be required to deliver the certificate of insurance / declarations page reflecting the special endorsement to the insured within 10 days after final judgment.

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