Real Estate Commission Agreement / Cohabitation Agreement May Serve Spurned Realtor-Girlfriend

Boyfriend and Girlfriend met in New York in 2010.

Boyfriend was a player in the real estate markets in New York and Florida.

Girlfriend was a realtor.

A match made in heaven. But for Boyfriend’s wife and kids.

But, according to Girlfriend, Boyfriend promised to leave his wife and marry her.

More importantly, they partnered on various higher end real estate deals and he allegedly promised to pay her significant real estate commissions.

Boyfriend also moved Girlfriend into his Palm Beach apartment.

Things were pretty copacetic until Boyfriend decided in 2014 that he wanted some space … and moved her out of their apartment and moved another woman in … while Girlfriend was traveling.

Girlfriend claims Boyfriend even completely reneged on their business arrangement.

The last straw. Girlfriend filed a lawsuit in New York seeking a half million bucks in commissions.

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