Real Rocky Marriage or Just a Convenient Shelter from Prying Eyes?

Husband and Wife have reportedly been going through a rough patch in their marriage.

And several record companies filed lawsuits against Husband and his business.

And then Husband and Wife legally separated. And divided their marital assets

And then, following a trial, the record companies won a judgment against Husband for roughly $16 million.

Kind of a lot of money, but then again, Husband testified in 2014 that he had had $190 million not so long ago. Still, less than $1 million at the moment.

Now the record companies would like to know where the other $189 million went. And they think Wife’s financial records are a pretty good place to start looking.

Wife is objecting with all she’s got, even, ironically, asserting marital communications privilege.

Meanwhile, the judgment is on appeal to an intermediate level federal court.

The record companies justify their unusual requests to see eight years’s worth of Wife’s financial records by the questionable timing of the couple’s separation without divorce and the sheer volume of Husband’s money that has, in effect, “gone missing”.

It does, at least arguably, smack of a fraudulent transfer …

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